Abandoned Dalmatian puppy with THREE LEGS is rescued from destruction in US


A Dalmatian puppy abandoned by breeders because she only had three legs was rescued from destruction – and now lives the life of a pampered pooch.

Finley was taken to a rescue centre by a breeder who knew they wouldn’t be able to sell her with her birth defect. She was vastly underweight when she arrived because she couldn’t compete for food due to being slower than her brothers and sisters.

It was love at first sight when Connie Kim, 46, laid eyes on the malnourished nine-week old Finley, and adopted her straight away. She took her in and gave her special training to get her used to walking on three paws.

Bridal shop owner Connie said: “I was told that Finley’s leg was crooked up and bent, and all she did was drag it around to the point that it had a hard callus on it where it rubbed the ground. The second I saw her I knew I had to have her. She literally is my whole heart and we are very connected to each other.”

Finley was given to the Home at Last rescue in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA.

“I do hope that sharing her story will spread the word that pups born like Finley are still wanted and loved.”

In March 2020, Connie’s friend texted her a picture of ‘tripod’ Finley who was being cared for by a foster mum. She said: “Not even one minute later I saw a man jogging with his tripod dog. Never have I ever seen them before and I haven’t seen them since.

“I truly feel that it was a sign, letting me know that three legged pups are just as normal as four legged ones. I didn’t have any experience with a tripod pup, so I was nervous.”

Connie, who went to pick her up a week later, said: “You could see every single bone in her body. “

She rescued her the last day before the country went into lockdown, and the two have spent every day together since at home in Philadelphia. A special trainer was hired to teach Finley the proper techniques of life with three legs and has made improvements.

Connie said: “She also does know that she is different from other pups, and nine times out of ten she crouches down to show submission and tinkles a little. However that is the only time you will see her act any different than any other pup. She takes on the world bravely and is eager for new things and new places. It took her a few months to gain the confidence to jump down from the sofa, and would bark to ask to be carried. Now, she only barks when her Starbucks sixth sense tells her she’s near a coffee shop and is due a puppacino“!

Proud dog-mum Connie said: “Normally puppies that are ‘marked unsellable’ are euthanized rather than being given to a rescue.

“I do hope that sharing her story will spread the word that pups born like Finley are still wanted and loved.”

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