What happens to your old phone?


Mobile phones are a modern necessity. We rely on our phones to stay connected with family and friends, be productive, learn new skills and even send a quick text. When the time comes for you to upgrade your phone or when your phone stops working for whatever reason, what do you do?

Recently more people have been opting to recycle their old mobile phones as opposed to throwing them away. This is because in the last few years there has been an increasing amount of hazardous materials that have been used in production of various devices including smartphones and iPods that can make it unsafe if they are dumped in landfills or incinerated.

When you recycle an old mobile phone or smartphone, the components are separated and sent off to be reused. In most cases this involves removing precious metals such as gold, platinum and copper from the devices so that they can be melted and used again. For example a decommissioned Nokia 1100 has a gold content of 1.84 grams and can fetch up to $11 according to the Mobile Phone Recycling Evaluation (MPre) project which is a project funded by GE Foundation which works with companies including Ericsson, HCL Infosystems Ltd., Nokia Solutions and Networks, Novellus Systems Inc., Siemens Corporation, Sony Mobile Communications AB and ZTE Corporation.

Some companies are involved in recycling phones as a way of extending the life of the product. Nokia has a take back program which is run by its parent company, Microsoft. Nokia says that their phones are designed to last for at least ten years or longer depending on how well they are taken care of.

If you recycle one mobile phone under the Nokia Recycle for good Program such as the Nokia 1100 which is sold worldwide, you will be given a coupon code worth $5 USD which can be redeemed at www.nokia.com/recycle4good or www.microsoftstore.com and used to purchase any new Nokia Lumia device from a participating retailer.

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