Video Game Designer Job Description


The virtual world of wars and hardships, mission and shooting sprees and much more, this is the world of video games where you get lost in some fictitious world and never want to come out. These games are designed by video game designers who have a creative streak to think beyond the real life and make you fall for it. A game designer creates detailed documents for design of games which includes look and feel, flow charts, flow, rules and missions for a particular game. This design document is then used by various other technicians like sound engineer, graphic designer etc who creates what actually our games look like.

Key Skills to be a Game Designer

The most important and essential skill is programming for any video game designer. You should be able to handle everything in 0s and 1s. Programming is basic building block of any sound video program and it takes knowledge of 3-5 programming languages to make an astonishing application. You need to be good with numbers, have an eye for detail and love to spend hours in front of computer screen for coding; the programming is the field for you.

Writing game story or theory is the next important thing to be done. Every game has a story of its own on which you revolve characters and users put themselves in their place. An interesting and thrilling story is what game lovers want today. It should have action and drama both. You would need to write script, dialogues and also comments for whole of game theme.

Graphic designing is the third turn of the screw named video games. Here you make characters out of your imagination and you will be able to give your story a face. You will need to learn graphic software like Maya etc to make them work.

game designer job description sounds interesting and fascinating, but it takes lots of efforts to be competent enough to design video games. You can have bright career opportunities in this arena.

Source by Bhupendra Dwivedi

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