This Generation of Video Games – Wii, DSi Xbox 360 and PS3


This generation of Videogames steps into unchartered pleasures we did not anticipate would be produced so soon. Reading a round-up of E3 news on various gaming sites the golden chalice for innovation has to go to Microsoft for Xbox 360’s project Natal. Sony PlayStation 3 created something for youngsters – the Eyepet. Nintendo claimed to be the masters’ of motion controllers some 5 years ahead in terms of their experience in developing non conventional controllers.

First, off let me say a little about Xbox 360’s Natal. Microsoft revealed a hands free controller project called Natal. Natal works on true 1:1 motion control interaction with graphical and speech recognition. The hardware recognises the shape of a player, their movements and even their hand commands.

Moving over to PlayStation PS3’s press conference arena all the eyes were on one thing. A new magical toy for Sony PS3 called “EyeToy”. The magic toy thing combines a virtual world with cute pets with the real world. A television will display what the PlayStation Eye camera sees combined with your Eyepet to give an overall virtual effect. Eyepet will recognise and respond to your body movements, so you can feed and play with your monkey. Yes monkey, most of us have cats or dogs, and now with PS3 you can own a pet monkey.

PlayStation Eye is the second generation of PS3 games using motion sensor. The EyeToy, first used in a type of playing card battle game give an impression of how games can interface with cameras and motion. An impressive magic card creates a 3D hologram when placed on the floor in front of the EyeToy opening up other games to play with your Eyepet. Sony hasn’t given up on handheld gaming just yet either. Sony plan to launch a new PlayStation Portable console called PSP Go which will replace the PSP 3000 series.

PlayStation also unveiled twin handed motion sensor. It’s good that they are getting gamers of the couch, providing the games are worth getting off the couch for. Sony PS3’s Eye-Toy motion controller concept was not a dissimilar idea to Natal. PS3’s future 1:1 gameplay mapping was demonstrated by someone holding virtual world objects in their own hand, yes the graphics looked awesome. A baseball bat suddenly appeared right there in his hand at the proper angle to use corresponding to his body. The tracking was very fast. It uses the EyeToy. WOW. True 3D pointing. You really need to see it to get the idea of new motion controller for PlayStation 3. This takes gaming to a new level. The game world and your front room are one of the places. Both Natal and PS3s concept use overlays and projectors bridging the gap between real and virtual world.

Nintendo’s motion controller – Wii motion plus adapter for the Wii remote was announced last year and this month it went on sale. Nintendo also talked about the new Nintendo DS, DSi and Wii games: Sports Resort with Motion Plus, Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario for Wii and Wii Fit Plus the second in the Wii Fit series comes with new game software sold separately for those who already own a Wii Balance Board.

Source by Chip Searl

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