Making Money Playing Video Games – Is it Really Possible?


Making money playing video games is real and a lot of people are making money that way. Then again most of the people who try to make money this way fail. It is not as simple as it seems and you really have to pay close attention, work hard and of course meet the requirements needed for this job.

The reason why it is necessary to have people testing brand new video games is very simple. Every little mistake or problem can be devastating to video game companies and in the long run cost them millions of dollars. The job of a video game tester is to find mistakes, bugs, problems and give extensive feedback.

The better feedback you give the more games will be sent to you and the more money you can potentially make. When you are a beginner then nobody knows you, so you will not get many games to test. But as you get better and better and do your job properly, the more games you can test. How much money you make depends on you and you alone.

Another very important requirement of course is having all the necessary consoles, internet connection and a high quality computer to play these games. It is great if you have all this stuff and if you do not, then getting them is your problem. I guess the hardest part is the beginning but when you already have a good reputation then things become a lot easier. That is why you got to be very active, hard working and meticulous in the beginning.

When you do everything correctly and are hard working then you can make huge amount of money and play new games all day long. The potential is certainly there and it is worth a try without a doubt. Will you succeed or will you fail? I really do not know but I hope you will.

Source by Randolph Meresmaa

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