Live Longer Playing Video Games


Growing up I always heard that video games are not healthy for you, they make you sit around all day a stare at the TV, that was when the newest system out was the Nintendo 64. Times have changed a lot, now people encourage playing video games one sixth of the games out for the new systems are for working out and losing weight its crazy, and one of the newest systems you don’t even need a remote controller, your body moving controls the game, does that sound healthy or what, that’s for the Xbox 360 Kinect.

This is a revolution come true, I always thought I spent allot time playing video games and that I need to exercise more but I can’t stop playing my games, well if you feel the same and are in some need of exercise go get yourself a Wii if you don’t already have one an what’s great about the Wii is all the games give you a little work out not only the exercise games!

If you have never tried it and are worried you won’t like it or even use it, theirs allot places that will let you try it for free like, Game Stop, Best Buy, and EntertainMart. They even have weight loss games for the DSi. So whatever game you chose just remember that your entertainment needs can be put to good use as well as your health needs at the same time. Exercise is one of the best things you can give your body!

Finally if you really love video games you can play them and get paid, wouldn’t that be great! Just think about how much happier you would be you won’t have to go to a job that you don’t really like you could be at home playing games making money.

Source by Taija Hauert

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