Are Video Games Beneficial?


Parents and teachers seem to worry a lot about the negative effects of console games. However, violent behavior and most addictions rise when you introduce video games to children who have not learned the essence of self control yet. In general, there is no actual ideal age as to when you can introduce video games to children. The introduction of video games varies depending on the attitude and character of a child. Just like any other normal toys, there are toys that are created for 3 years old, 4 years old and so on. That is how console games work as well. Each game or gadget should be monitored and double check to ensure that the game suits the child.

Everybody seems to know the negative effects of console games on children but in reality, video games have many benefits to offer as well. Playing video games is proven to help children who have certain illnesses to recover or feel at ease temporarily. Video game distracts and helps them forget about any pain and discomfort that they are experiencing. Video game helps develops a child’s confidence. They are force to think fast and are even force to come up with a decision on their own. This is where you can actually see a child’s creativity.

That is why as a parent, it is important that you monitor your kids when their playing. Set some rules as to how much they can only play and what kind of game are they allowed to play. By setting some rules, you are also teaching them to become a responsible child. Console games are similar to any other things in life wherein moderation is a must. Anything that is done too much is bad for both the adults and children. Read and research as to what games are beneficial. However, teach your kid the word discipline first so that the child can understand his limitation. You cannot always keep your kid away from the world of gaming so better make sure that he is equipped with proper attitude and enough amount of self control so that you wouldn’t have to worry about him crossing overboard.

Source by Justin DeMerchant

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