To Bitcoin and Beyond! Cardano can Change the World.


The third generation of cryptocurrencies is looking to change the way the world does financial transactions for the better. Putting control and transparrecy back into the hands of the peolpe.

Why Cardano?
Cardano is a third generation cryptocurrency platform that can handle more transactions than Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other competitors. But what’s really special about Cardano are its features and benefits. Cardano offers:

-Improved Privacy: Cardano uses the Ouroboros Proof of Stake algorithm, which improves privacy as transactions are randomized (transaction amounts) among the stakers. Compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, in which all transactions are public knowledge on a blockchain ledger.

-Interoperability: All ADA is interchangeable with all other ADA coins founds on the same blockchain network — unlike Bitcoin for example.

-Ease of use: Cardano is easy to use. It can be used with or without a cryptocurrency online exchange because it is 100% decentralized and peer to peer.

-A third generation platform: Scalability, transaction speed, and ease of use are just some of the features that make Cardano a better choice for new merchants who want to accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Scalability means that the platform can handle more transactions than other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which means merchants selling goods can process more sales in less time. Transaction speed means that funds will be transferred in seconds compared to Bitcoin’s ten minute confirmations — which is not ideal when you’re making a purchase at Best Buy. Ease of use means the platform is easier to use than other cryptocurrencies because there are no complicated tools or programs required to use it.

-Fundamental scientific research: Cardano’s developers have created a new language called Haskell, which will be used to build many other applications on the platform. However, Haskell is not Turing complete — which means that Cardano’s internal tools and algorithms won’t be able to handle all algorithms, but can only handle specific protocols (e.g., Proof of Work) and processes (e.g., consensus), which means that Cardano is able to make better decisions than other third generation platforms.

-A fair and balanced approach to development: Cardano is the only major cryptocurrency that uses peer review before releasing code to the public. Peer reviews allow for a greater sense of transparency and trust in the code, unlike other cryptocurrencies where anyone can view the code before it’s released to the public.

What does this mean for you? It means that if you’re an investor, Cardano represents a unique opportunity to invest in something new and powerful. If you’ve ever doubted that cryptocurrencies can change our lives, Cardano gives us another chance to believe in a better future. And if you’re a merchant, Cardano will be able to accept cryptocurrencies better than other platforms because it will include JavaScript libraries that other platforms never had.

In summary, Cardano is the next generation of cryptocurrencies — and it’s truly going to change the world.

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