Why One Should Invest in NFTs


Hello Everyone, I understand that this subreddit is pro NFT and I am not here to talk down upon NFTs or to insinuate that it is a poor investment or not. I just have heard mixed things regarding NFTs and I am hoping that some users may provide clarity to some of these questions.

For instance, why should someone spend thousands of dollars on an NFT? Is the premise solely in hopes that the price will go up and someone can thus sell it at a higher price? Or is it that an NFT will operate as a currency utilizing the block-chain similar to bitcoin?

I have also heard that an NFT is similar to a Jpeg but that each NFT comes with a proof of ownership and that within each NFT is a password to a private chat room? If so, what is the draw? If someone can just take a screenshot of the NFT, then is the only value of the NFT the proof of ownership on the blockchain and the private chat rooms that are within each NFT?


I know I may receive a lot of backlash for asking these questions but I generally want to learn so that I can be more informed rather than simply regurgitating what the naysayers say.


TLDR: Why should someone invest in an NFT?

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