SuperDroids NFT was a huge pump and dump scam


The whole thing was a sham. They copied Metaverse almost identical. Made all these promises for a game and meta verse and told all the winners of giveaways they will receive their prizes after mint. Then a few days before mint they sent out all these boys with pishing addresses that tricked people into paying and not receiving anything. Then after their own “public sale” they erased website Twitter discord and disappeared of the face of the earth. Not too mention all of people left with duplicate NFTs not unique at all an worth nothing I’m pretty sure they just copied it of some website somewhere. BEWARE OF PROJECTS like this It’s so hard to tell cuz they put so much energy there were 6 mods constantly on the discord. I wish I would have gotten on to Angry Apes early on and got OG status their discord community is strong and roadmap very structured. Always research team members and owners anonymous teams or fake names and pics is a big red flag! No legit company would conduct business like that just saying

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