Program to generate random layers for creation of 1000s of NFTs?


A couple of artistic buddies of mine are exploring the notion of creating their own NFTs with my help. I am a half-assed programmer with some experience in Python and JS. I know about the existence of the [NFT Art Generator]( and a couple of similar programs. What these programs seem to do is take pre-existing layers and combine them randomly to form a unique composite image.

What I’m looking for is a program that will take one layer and generate many unique iterations of i. So, if you supply it with a jpg of a blank circle, in the first output image the circle will be red, in the next white, etc etc.

It seems like an insane amount of work to do this manually when you’re talking about thousands of different images, like you get in some of these series. How do creators make those? What kinds of programs might exist for this? What is this even called?

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