NFT Collection “Slotties” Gives PASSIVE INCOME!!!


**[Slottie NFT Discord](

This new project has to be one of the coolest, most buy worthy, and truly genius ideas ive ever seen!

Here are some of the crazy features!The owner of Slotie NFTs will get the following benefits:

1. Ability to stake any of their NFTs in our partner casinos’ slot games and get revenue share from house edge.
2. Passive income from our new slot-game that will be distributed in our partner casino chain.
3. VIP membership in our network, that grants each NFT holder a rakeback.
4. Tickets to our weekly “scratch and win” lotteries.
5. Ability to generate Watts – a unique internal currency, with which holders can breed a 2nd. Generation Slotie NFTs, that will be launched in Q3 2022.

They also have insane “slottery” events, where you can win an NFT, or cash prizes!!

📷 Club Members can participate in a **DAILY SLOTTERY**! 📷 Prize-list: 📷 **Slotie NFT** 📷 📷 **$500** 📷 📷 **$300** 📷 📷 **$100** 📷 How to win?
1. Write **ONE** number from 0-36 in each round – **💰15-nov-bets**
2. More than one or edited numbers will be disqualified 📷
3. During betting phase, join streaming in **Slottery Live**
4. Winning numbers will be announced by using an online spinner.
5. Winning numbers’ authors will be awarded 100 points. After 17 rounds top 4 will be awarded.
6. If you won you have **30 seconds** to show yourself in **🎰general** chat📷
7. In case of a tie additional rounds will start between the winners 📷


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