New MyBricks NFTs: Auction ends TOMORROW: 162 unique characters each with their own exclusive perks, including chance to win $10,000 every 3 months πŸ€‘


The MyBricks Community Collection is a herd of 27 different animals with roles in the construction industry from [MyBricks Finance]( ($BRICKS), who are on a mission to make property investment accessible to everyone.

Find out more about the MyBricks Community Collection of NFTs here πŸ‘‰ [](

From Builder Baboons to Painter Pandas, the collection has 6 different rarities for each animal type; each with their own exclusive perks.

Perks include:

* Property portfolio access (when the platform launches in 2022)
* Portfolio voucher to purchase a property NFT
* Entry into a quarterly draw to win up to $10,000

See the full collection over on Featured by Binance πŸ‘‰ [](

The images below show all of the different perks related to each rarity of character:

The auction ends tomorrow (Tuesday 9th November) at 7PM GMT!


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