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*Platform Provides Artists and Collectors with New Avenue for Selling or Collecting Work*

As the NFT market witnesses an unprecedented period of growth, emerging generative art platform Meraki today announced their upcoming IDO, which will be hosted through the Gravity Finance IDO Launchpad beginning Nov. 12, 2021. As a pioneer in the industry, Meraki will enable artists and users with varying degrees of skill the opportunity to offer their work for sale and easily collect work across the platform.

A collaborative project created by several experienced smart contract, frontend and backend web developers, Meraki is built on the Polygon blockchain to eliminate the barrier of expensive gas fees in deciding whether or not to become a collector. Furthermore, a fair, verifiable source of randomness, via Chainlink VRF, is incorporated into the artist’s variables, allowing for even greater variation in outputs and a larger potential collection size. Meraki’s platform token, which will be initially offered at 150 USDC, allows holders to participate in profit sharing and governance, simply by holding the token in their wallet.

“With generative art on the precipice of entering the mainstream market, we found an unfulfilled need to create a platform that could save potential users from extreme gas costs while also providing a way to utilize all the benefits of provable randomness to take their work to the next level,” said KingmakerETH, the founder of Meraki. “We are excited to launch our platform token, and invite artists and collectors alike to join our platform and share in the platform’s success.”

With the user experience as the top priority, Meraki provides users and artists with many unique benefits, including:

* **Generative art creation**: Enabled through smart contracts and Chainlink VRF, the artist uses a unique hash for better outputs
* **Simplistic user interface:** An easy-to-use interface provides users with a welcoming experience
* **Preservation:** Through the utilization of the blockchain, artwork will effectively be stored forever, which also serves as a ledger for a piece or collection’s copyright data
* **Governance**: Enabled by the Meraki DAO, token holders will be able to dictate the future direction of the protocol
* **Profit sharing:** A portion of protocol sales will be distributed through the treasury to token holders
* **Cross-chain capabilities:** Future cross-chain implementation will be possible to allow

bridging of assets

The Meraki platform is ideal for both artists and collectors seeking a best-in-class protocol. Artists can apply directly on the Meraki website, and once accepted receive a personalized dashboard to monitor and review their projects. Additionally, artists and their collaborators can test and edit the project’s code with no need to leave the platform. They can also use Chainlink VRF with Meraki, which provides a proven, random result allowing for more output on their projects. With Meraki, collectors can join mints without the fear of expensive gas wars, preventing exclusion due to Dutch Auctions or high gas prices. Collectors also receive their own gallery to view their collections, and the opportunity to work with VR/AR partners for quick and easy virtual gallery curation.

The Meraki NFT token will launch on the Polygon platform on Nov. 12, but can be transferred to and from compatible networks that follow the ERC-721 standard. The current maximum supply is 100,000 NFT tokens, 10,000 of which (10%) will be available for public sale on day one to allow for profit sharing on the platform. Founding team members, seed investors and the treasury will hold the remaining tokens. Revenue will be generated through primary sales on the platform and royalties, both of which will benefit the artists and Meraki platform. The initial DEX offering (IDO) will include a limit of 10 tokens per transaction, and unlimited possible transactions per wallet. Through Meraki’s partnership with Gravity Finance, existing Gravity Finance holders will be granted early access and guaranteed allocations. As both platforms grow, Meraki anticipates additional partnership opportunities in the future.

Meraki taps into the exploding generative art market, which in the past 12 months alone has witnessed $1 billion USD in sales. Furthermore, due to the opportunity for continued growth in the market, well-known brands including Coinbase are planning to join the NFT space by the end of 2021, thus introducing millions of additional users to the market. Today, the median quantity of NFTs sold in a 24-hour period on Ethereum is 39,219.

To learn more about Meraki, visit []( and it’s IDO announcement, [](

**About Meraki**

Meraki is the first generative art platform on the Polygon blockchain, providing a new home for artists and collectors alike. The Meraki platform enables artists and users to be able to offer their work for sale, or easily collect work across the platform in a gas efficient environment. Meraki was founded in 2021 by KingmakerETH, a results-driven and seasoned NFT expert with more than 13 years of experience in web development and project management. For more information about Meraki, visit []( Meraki can also be found on Twitter ([]( and Discord ([](

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