Interactive NFT: “Quest Chests” by RiddleDrops (Mint 07 Nov)


Hey everyone,

“Quest Chests” is now listed on, set to mint on 07. November!

This will be a unique NFT drop, pioneering NFT-game-interaction. “Quest Chest” holders need to solve a series of riddles and minigames (called “Quests”) through interaction with their NFT on our website [](

If you complete “Quests” as one of the fastest, you will win NFT prizes from other collections (decided by community and bought from community prizepool).

Community prizepool will be **50% of ALL income!** So there will be **a LOT** of high value NFT prizes.

Mint price: 0.05 ETH (WL price: 0.04 ETH)-> There are STILL possibilities to get onto our Whitelist by solving our Riddle-of-the-day on our []( server!

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