Four NFT’s in total. Tons of Utility and Huge Giveaway. One Mint price of only 0.9 SOL.


**Two NFT Collections. Two NFT badges. Four NFTs total. One Mint Price. 0.90 SOL.**

The Cryptonauts Academy and Pixie Witch collections are launching on AT THE SAME TIME

Do you know of any other project doing that?

The NFTs and Badges are used for **staking to receive $TIEXO tokens, governance voting and earning marketplace incentive dividends**. Plus the artwork is just amazing!

The project was created by the Moonlet digital wallet team and has 60k weekly users. TIEXO is hovering around 6500 community members and growing. The team is completely doxxed and the community is insane.

Minting on December 10th

πŸ—“οΈ December 10th

πŸ’° 0.90 SOL

Join the discord for daily giveaways:


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