Covid Pass Punks Minting = live @ 5004 unique NFTs on Eth Main Net Minting price 0.05 Eth


Minting = live @ [](

5004 unique NFTs on Eth Main Net

Minting price 0.05 Eth

Hate Covid Restricions? Hate Covid Passports? You will love Covid Pass Punks.

It’s the year 2025. Four years after the coerced vaccination program started. Billions queued up, not to lose their jobs and livelihood. Jabs were given. Restrictions were introduced. Rights were destroyed. The non-compliant fled the cities and towns. Then the reports began. Side-effects started showing. Billions died, and only a few survived. Punks became zombies. There was no medicine. Not even weekly booster shots could save them. Zombies then got “euthanised.” A few lucky ones escaped. They now live like outcasts, unable to take part in society. What were once rights, like buying groceries and riding public transport, are now considered privileges and are only for the lucky few. In 2026, so they promise, some zombies will be let back into the community. Their Covid Passports from 2023 once allowed them to partake in all societal rights. Now, those same passports will slowly allow zombies back into the civilised world.

Not many escaped the great extinction. Great names like Gill Bates, Anthony Faulty, Bo Jiden live no longer. The world only populates less than 10% of the population from 2020. Kanye, the current president has vowed to return the world back to sanity. His last speech spoke of how we must learn from the past and never forget. Free speech and the right to protest are at the top of the bill. Those fact-checkers from 2021 that are still alive are currently jailed, as well as many other co-conspirators. 5G Towers have been taken down by the resistance. Zack Muckerberg has been picked up by his alien race, and BaseFook is no longer on this earth. The main currencies in 2025 are Monero and XHV.

Here we remember the first 5004 punks that were made to live with the covid passports. All these have become relics as these punks live no longer in 2025. They are now part of a history that we must remember to never let this happen again. Lest we forget.

You can now mint the 5004 original passports of the first enslaved punks of 2021.





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