Ben Mezrich author of Anti Social Network, Bitcoin Billionaires, Bringing Down The House and more to drop an NFT?


“For years, I’ve had the privilege of doing what I love – writing books and movie screenplays – for a community of readers and fans that enjoy going on these journeys with me, diving into the same timely topics and stories that intrigue so many of us. But what’s bothered me for years, is that I haven’t had a great way to show my appreciation and engage directly with my community of readers. The “Ben Mezrich NFT Project” is my way of trying to address that.”

-Ben Mezrich [](

This project seems like it could be a game changing initiative to disrupt Hollywood. The goal is to create a screenplay, write a movie, and sell that movie to a major production studio. This project could completely disrupt the creative landscape similar to Jenkins the Valet!

Discord: [](

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