Batch minting NFT’s


I’ve been following some of the hashlips NFT tutorials on YouTube and testing on the rinkeby test net. The tutorials are mostly about batch generating, but not batch minting. The best one I’ve found is the hashlips channel, which created the code and a 2 hour tutorial about everything from customizing, generating, and minting. The problem is the tutorial continues on to creating a minter website so that anyone can mint an individual NFT. I’d rather just batch mint and add to my opensea or rarible account to list for sale.

I’ve tried revising the smart contract so that I can batch up to 1000, but the most it will let me mint is 20. When I try to mint more than a few 100 the code runs into an error because the gas fee is way higher than it can handle and its like millions of dollars worth of eth.

I cannot find a single tutorial about batch minting. Any way to do it?

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