A post made on the 31 Oct 202 on REDDIT and also on PINTEREST by a Zachary Taylor is nothing but FALSE LIES designed to discredit reptuations.

Zachary Taylor is a FAKE persona that has been created on purpose to post defamatory information about myself – Aaron Troy Cassar. There is absolutely no previous history or association with this person that I am aware of. I have never done any business with or provided advisory services for any person called Zachary Taylor. Nor has any business that I have ever been involved including Piptle Wealth Management which is an education focus business done any lending to any individuals at all as he has made reference to.

Over the last year our business has grown to over 800 members all being educated in crypto currency. There are no other complaints on here at all from anyone else… makes you wonder why this stand alone 1 complaint!!! Honesty and transparency is one of my biggest things – anyone can call me on +61438150220 or sms me.

100% this posting on Reddit and on Pinterest by ZacharyTaylor006 another fake profile from same person is nothing but a form of amateurish cyber bullying that has been perpetuated by another individual using a false name due to being potentially disgruntled after being terminated for poor performance, and being under the influence of weed when at work. Which further explains their incoherent rambling on and totally poor sentence structuring and bad spelling…

There is no mention made of this person of any company that I am involved in whatsoever.

This has only been posted on 31st October 2020 with no reference to business name or persons involved. This is just pure LIES.

I suggest you look me up on Linkedin and you will see that i have a very good reputation – [https://www.linkedin.com/in/atcassar/](https://www.linkedin.com/in/atcassar/)

Anyone reading this post is welcome to call me on +61438150220 or email me on [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

Whomever you are Psychological_Rope70 you are a FAKE and your own profile username on REDDIT really clearly shows you have some major mental problems.

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