A couple of super noob questions regarding “minting” NFT games and how transfer of ownership would work?


I’ve really just started looking into nfts and understand the basics as to how they work as unique identifiers that can track ownership of a piece of content. That’s about where my understanding stops at this point. From what I’ve gathered this far NFT games are allowing users to trade in-game assets with each other, but what about games themselves? For example would it be possible for a game studio to create a game and “mint” only like 1000 copies, similar to how older console games only had so many copies made? The initial value of the games could be say $40, then over time if the game were to become popular or sought after the value would increase since there were only 1000 available?

It seems like it’s doable, however what would stop some hacker from taking the executable/s and assets and pirating the game? But I suppose that’s an issue for anything really and that the value would be having an authentic copy.

My next question is then how exactly would two individuals trade said nft game. So if party A is willing to pay $50 and party B has a copy of the game they would like to sell for $50, where does this transaction take place? Would it be through some nft auction site?

Final question, and this is in regards to nfts in general I suppose. I’ve heard that creators of nfts can be compensated when their works exchange hands. Is this something that’s written into some protocol?

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