2021 NHL Stanley Cup Round 3 Preview: Las Vegas Golden Knights vs The Montreal Canadiens


Vegas Rolls: Vegas Golden Knights vs. Montreal Candiens

The 2021 playoff series between the Las Vegas golden Knights and the Colorado Avalanche saw many people shocked at to sudden loss of momentum from the Colorado side. While still in the playoffs, the Colorado Avalanche just couldn’t seem to get into a rhythm and made it to the last week of play before falling short to a Vegas Golden Knights team that was playing like it had something to prove. While following months of back and forth between players, fans and media, all 3 entities have become pretty well versed in what these two teams are about.

Meanwhile in the great white north, the Montreal Canadiens managed a full sweep of the Winnipeg Jets, who they themselves were enjoying a sweep of the Toronto Maple Leafs in the first round. The Candiens should be well rested (or rusted) in anticipations of the upcoming series against the Vegas Golden Knights.

Historically, Montreal and Vegas have been pretty evenly matched in the regular season. Both teams are sporting excellent Goalies and have a slew of star players, with the real performers in Montreal coming on the younger side, and Vegas relying more on their veteran presence.

Any way this series plays out, it guaranteed to be an exciting match up… and we have just one thing to say about that: “En garde!”.

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