Where the Super High Earners call Home


Beyond mere mortals means, these 4 countries play host to some of the wealthiest residents in the entire world.

From richest countries in the world, to wealthiest counties in the world, from richest cities of the world to richest nations in the world, rankings are always changing. The following list comprises some of the wealthiest countries on earth and their respective citizens.

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Germany: the richest country in the world is not the first place you would think of; Germany is known for it’s discipline and tradition, but it’s also known for its incredible wealth. According to a recent study, Germans have an average net worth of $676,000 per person and these are estimates. The number one reason as to why German citizens are so wealthy is because the majority of them work for an international company which pays their salaries in foreign currencies like Euros. Other countries with high gross domestic product (GDP) are Switzerland (#2), Luxembourg (#6), and Belgium (#7).

Brazil: the country of Brazil is tied with Russia for the richest in Latin America. The Brazilian population has an average net worth of $62,000 per person and have a GDP of $2.7 trillion. Brazilians are known for their entrepreneurial backgrounds, and they make the most of it; more than 38% are self-employed businessmen or women.

France: France is one of only three countries to make an appearance on all three lists (rich countries in the world, richest cities in the world, and richest countries in the world). The average net worth is equal to that of Germany ($676,000), but its GDP between $2.5 – 3 trillion (depending on which source you use). The richest city in the world is given to Paris, which has an average net worth of $2,600 per person and a GDP of $2 trillion.

Switzerland: like Germany, Switzerland has a prominent history of being a country with strong banking. The average net worth of citizens is $312,000 per person and the GDP is around equal to that of Brazil’s ($2.7 trillion). Switzerland ranks among the top 10 wealthiest countries in the world, but also among the top 5 richest cities. The richest city on earth is Geneva with an average net worth of $1.4 million per person and a GDP of over half a trillion dollars.

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