Combining Market Momentum Keys With New RSI Trading Concepts


How often have you entered a trade and wondered why it didn’t go in the direction you expected it to go? Maybe your trading system told you to go short but instead the trade went long. Sometimes as traders we wish we could peak around the curtain into the world of Forex and see what is really going on. Maybe we can?!

What is really going on?

The complexity of the markets is increasingly difficult to comprehend. With all the players in the market it is impossible to know for sure which direction the market is going and for how long. There are so many players that no one could possibly know all of the goals that each trading entity has. So how does a retail traders like you and I make money? Read on.

Market Momentum Keys

There are simple keys or clues that the market gives up. In poker they call it a “tell”. There are also times when these “tells” are most prevalent. What are they? Let’s take the U.S. trading session. Typically the most volatility takes place around the news before and after the Dow opening at 9:30am EST. A trader who understands how news affects the currency pair they are trading and how the Dow affects it, can learn to trade in the span of about 2 hours each day and make a living trading Forex.

Momentum occurs after volatility. Volatility is the reaction; momentum is the decision after it all settles. Things like the Dow Futures, Gold, Oil, the Asian and European equity markets, and the news all will have an effect on volatility that offers an opportunity to trade momentum. So how can that be done?

New RSI Trading Concepts

The easiest way to do it is to learn to trade using the New RSI Trading Concepts. Most traders are totally unaware of these and how to utilize them. They consist of 4 trading signals that are drawn on RSI, the Relative Strength Index, and price. These signals are momentum signals. Two of the signals perform as clues or alerts as to what is coming. Two are signals to trade. These signals work together with the Market Momentum Keys to produce profitable trades.

Momentum Means Money

Anyone who wants to make money in Forex needs a way to enter the market and a way to know when momentum has the highest chance of being present. With this combination making substantial profits is possible. Learn to trade momentum with the New Concepts of RSI Trading, in particular, the 4 RSI Trading Signals. You will be glad you did.

Source by Paul W. Dean

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